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15. Now, click on the edge of the car, on the second line you drew, as shown next:
16. Repeat this with each endpoint along the line of the hood unil you've pulled the
whole line down to where it should be. You can see the result in the next image:
What just happened?
Every point in 3D space can be deined by a place in the red, blue, and green direcions. To
find any point in the geometry of our car, we need only to decide where these are on the
plan, side, or end views. We decided by looking at the plan view that the red and green
points were correct. This is always the case with a plan view. We simply needed to find the
one missing—namely the blue one. The side view has the blue axis correct, so now we have
all three. Having discovered this, you then drew the line correctly on the plan view, and
modiied the blue axis posiion of the line by referring to the side view. Phew!
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