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10. Because the geometry we have is the largest shape the car could atain, we know
that the line at the centre of the hood is prety much accurate (see next image). So,
that has to stay as it is.
11. We also know that the line we've drawn on the hood is accurate in the plan
direcions (Red and Green). So, it only has to move in the Blue direcion. The line
on the side view is accurate in the Blue axis, so we will use this as a guide.
12. Line up your view so that you're looking at the hood from the side, as shown in
the following screenshot.
13. Use the Move tool and click on one of the endpoints on the edge of the hood.
Press Alt once to operate the fold mode.
14. Remember that we simply need to move this point down in the Blue axis unil it's
at the same level as the other line. Make sure the axis line goes blue, and then hold
Shift to keep movement locked to the Blue direcion.
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