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There used to be an adverisement going around where a guy made himself a VW Beetle
lookalike from his old beat-up car, by geing an elephant to sit on the hood. Turns out this
method is actually quite successful. I've chosen to show you how, in here. Remember, the
model now represents the biggest dimension the car could get to, because you made it by
tracing the very outside of the three car views. The real-life curved geometry of the car must
sit somewhere within this outer box you've created. And here lies the beauty of this method.
You can now keep working on it, or reducing it in size or form, unil you get what you want.
Easy! If an elephant can do it, so can you.
Select each image in turn, explode it, sample the texture, and paint it onto the car's
geometry. Start with the side view and paint all the sides of the car.
2. Follow with the plan, and finally the front and back view. It's up to you which
geometry you paint with which texture.
Now, hide the texture images again. When you're done you should have something
like the following screenshot:
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