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What just happened?
You've taken an orthographic car drawing and cut it into its individual views. Plan, Front,
Rear, and Side views. You've placed them back where they came from in the first place. If you
think about it, someone looked at a real car (which is a 3D object) from the front, rear, side,
and from above, and drew what they saw. In order for you to recreate the 3D object, you
need to arrange the 2D drawings to replicate where they were in the first place.
Now that you've drawn round the outside outline of the car from three direcions, you can
use these to create a 3D outline.
Time for action - creating a 3D car outline
Use Push/Pull on the side view to extrude the car's outline as far as the edge of the
plan goes. You can see this here.
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