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Noice how you have the whole car described here in four views? From top
let-hand side to botom: Back view, Front view, Let side view, Plan. We don't
need any more views than this because the right-hand side is the same as
the let-hand side, and the botom of the car is immaterial. These views are
called Orthographic views, and are commonly used in technical drawing. You
will need Orthographic views to make cars because they aren't distorted like
perspecive or camera views.
3. If the image is not a square, use the crop tool to make it a square, and then resize
the image to 4096x4096 or 2048x2048.
4. Perform a Save As to save your .xcf master file, and then use Save a Copy for a
.jpg called MB_ambient_2048.jpg .
5. This second image is what you will be using in SketchUp.
6. Import the image into SketchUp using File ¦ Import and select jpg image , then check
the Use as Image box.
7. Place the image in SketchUp. Use the Tape Measure tool to click at the end of one of
the dimension lines, then click at the other end. Then type in the measurement and
press Enter . Accept the resize acion by clicking on Yes .
8. Your image is now correctly to scale. Right-click on it and click explode .
9. Divide it into four secions using the Pencil tool. Then make a group out of each
secion by double-clicking and selecing Make Group in the right click on the menu.
You'll see it in the following screenshot:
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