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Where to find car images and plans
Because a majority of us don't have sculping skills, our car is going to be made by applying
logical steps and techniques. It will, therefore, only be as good as the plans and photos we
base it on, and because I don't expect you to be a sculptor, we're going to cheat once more
and use the image modeling techniques SketchUp is so good at. Only this ime, we will add line
drawings to our photo textures in combinaion.
Access . Sign up for a free account and have a good
look around. See anything you like? Any of these cars can be yours when you learn the
techniques in this chapter!
Time for action - creating a car texture
Use the search feature on to find
the Mercedes CL 2010 plans. If you need to you can enter this URL instead:
Download the plan and open it in GIMP. You should see the following:
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