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Create a Realistic Car in Easy Steps
I know what you've been going through. You've been busy for hours learning how to put a
rusty fence together and carefully placing it all around your level. You then show it to your
nearest and dearest and they say, "Um… that's nice dear," or "Why does it look so rusty?
Should it be rusty?," and you go from feeling ecstaic at your achievement, to feeling like a
loser in the space of a few minutes.
The reason you don't get the "Oohs" and "Aahs" right away is because people are used to
seeing completed games—the ones that took the team of hundreds of people a few years
to complete. Compare what you can do now with what you could do before, and you're safe
in your own knowledge of what you have achieved. Always remember—all those games are
made up of individual efforts, like yours, by individuals, like you.
There is, however, a place for showing of, and that place is here at the end of our topic. Now
that your skills are up to it, you're going to make something that people not "in the know"
can be immediately impressed by. A posh car!
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