Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
In this chapter, you have applied all your skills learned so far. You've stretched yourself a
litle more too. To sum up, you learned:
• How to save ime and create variaion in the scene by reusing muliple versions of
the same asset repeatedly
• How to mess up the scene for added realism by scaling, moving, flipping, leaning,
and otherwise vandalising your assets
• How to import, clean up, and modify exising assets for re-use
• Some specific asset modeling tricks to make common props
• Some quick modular-building creaion methods
By now you should be experimening by yourself and creaing lots of other assets using the
techniques you've learned so far. In the next two chapters, you will be taking these skills
further to create progressively more complex assets. From now on, the pace will get a litle
faster, and you may need to flick back a few chapters every so often just to review something
you learned earlier. You can now choose to go on and model the main building and some
trees, or you can jump to the end of the topic where you will load it all into Unity and set
up your game simulaion. Either way, congratulaions are in order for graduaing from the
SketchUp school of Asset Design. First class!
Your graduaion present is a rusty wrench.
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