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Creating tools or weapons
The character we're going to insert in our level is of a car mechanic. He needs some extra
tools. We're going to make a simple 3D wrench in this tutorial, but the principles can be
carried through to any tool, prop, or weapon you'd like to make. Essenially, we're going to
trace the outline of the texture image and then raise or lower parts of it.
Time for action - modeling a low polygon wrench
1. First, find an image with a side on view of your wrench. Here's mine:
Import it into SketchUp. Set the plan view and go to Camera ¦ Parallel Projecion .
Take out your pencil and draw around the outline. Remember this is going to have to
be low polygon, so use as few clicks of the mouse as you can.
Start with the curves, because these look circular, and so you will be able to use the
Arc tool. When you click the tool, type in 3 (or 4 ) and Enter . All the arcs you draw
will now have only 3 (or 4) sides to them, as shown next:
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