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6. You might need to use the sample tool in the materials pallet to copy textures from
one window to another as shown here. Then use right click ¦ Texture ¦ Posiion to
move them into place.
What just happened?
You imported a model from the 3D Warehouse and did some work on it to bring it up to
the standard needed in your game. You can use this method on anything you download and
import, not just from the 3D Warehouse. It is not advised to import straight into your game
because game engines are very picky about textures and reversed faces. If the back side of a
face is showing it will look ine in SketchUp, but in the game it will be enirely see-through.
The ten-minute oil barrel
No level is complete without more rusty, ugly, junk. This one's really quick and that's why
you'll find it in most games. The word for it is "ubiquitous." Rather a posh word to use for
a batered barrel.
Import the image into a new SketchUp project using the As Image seing.
Scale the image so that it's about one meter tall. Move it so that the center passes
though the Blue axis as shown here.
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