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4. Looks terrific, but before we import it into our game engine, it is best to check
a few things:
Correct Scale
If there are too many groups or components
Textures applied sensibly
All faces orientated outwards
At origin
At right angles to Green and Red axes
Fixing the origin and removing hidden geometry
1. First things first, what about the origin point? The building needs to be at the origin,
and lined up with the Green and Red axes so that when you insert the component in
your level it will insert where you want it irst ime.
2. There could also be a lot of hidden things in the model, too. The easiest way to deal
with these issues is to copy and paste the model into a new file.
3. Select the building, right click and select Explode .
4. Select the whole building again and go to Edit ¦ Copy
5. Now go to File ¦ New .
6. Paste the building in this new file ( Edit ¦ Paste ).
7. Now hit M for Move and click the corner of the building.
8. Move it to the origin point and click to drop it there.
9. Use the Rotate tool and click at the origin making sure it goes blue first. This
means the rotate acion will happen around the blue axis.
10. Now, click somewhere along the front straight edge of the building as shown next:
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