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The thing is, it's all very well being a one-man (or woman) team. It's all quite rosy being
a one-man army, a single-boy band, a Unity, in fact. That is unil things take a turn for the
worst and you find yourself up a river without a paddle. You're bored of slaving away at your
computer in isolaion, you're stuck for ideas, stuck for ime, and just plain stuck.
Many people involved in games hit this wall. It happens when you start your game project
thinking, "This is going to be Great! This is going to be amazing! And, I'll do it all by myself!"
You see this kind of thing on the forums all the ime:
"I'm doing a irst person shooter in the style of [some big itle]. Here's my
progress so far! What do you guys think of THIS!!?"
Then, there follows a couple of small images. The first of a gun (un-textured). The second
of maybe a crate (someimes textured). The third (if there is a third) of another gun (un-
textured and a bit like the first one). The forum replies come through thick and fast, and
they're not very complimentary.
This paricular kind of mania is actually quite normal for us compulsive gaming types. No one
told us that creaing a FPS in the style of Rambo goes to Mars in a Taxi (by Epic Games) was
this much work, so we're not really to blame. The fact that the list of credits at the end of
any commercially released game takes longer to scroll through than it took to complete the
game itself is lost on us… because we're a one man army! We've volunteered our muliple
self for the mission and we're going to inish it unil it kills us!
I'd like to give you a few forum posts as examples of those asset creators who have started
off well but crashed and burned—there are so many to choose from—but that would be
cruel. Although we can't throw stones; we're all just as suscepible. This chapter is there
for all of us when we hit the wall. We realize we overesimated our abiliies, ime, and
dedicaion, and we're prepared to admit it. So, what do we do now? Well, that's easy.
We do what we always do in situaions like this.
We cheat, of course!
Using someone else's assets
Now I know that your dad told you cheaing was wrong, but hey! We all know there are
diferent kinds of cheaing. There's the wrong kind and then there's the kind of cheaing that's
not really cheaing at all. The thing is, if people leave their stuf lying around on the Internet for
all to see and download, why would it be so wrong to sick some of it in your game? Actually,
it can be very necessary. If you don't do it, often your game level won't get finished, and then
no one gets to see how great your skills are. Assets taken from the Internet can provide much
needed "context" to your own modeling. Just make sure you don't claim to have created
anything that was actually created by others.
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