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Create a rectangle of one of the windows and make it unique as you can see in the previous
screenshot. Now, you will be able to copy that window to the other windows. This is so that
you have the opion of making this material relecive in your game engine later.
Once you've made a modular building façade, try copying it muliple imes using the Move
tool (explained in Chapter 4 , Wooden Pallet: Modeling ) to see what you get:
I rendered this one with the free version of Shaderlight to see if the relecive windows
worked okay. It's not a bad result for about 30 minutes modeling and rendering.
When the going gets tough
When the drill sergeant shouts out, "There's a dangerous secret mission behind the enemy
lines and I need volunteers! I need 'em now! This will be dangerous. Most of you will
not come back alive. So, don't be shy! Who's with me?" and you, naturally, take a step
backwards. But when you look around you to see who has volunteered… you noice there's
only you in the parade ground.
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