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6. Use a normal SketchUp material on the roof.
7. Double-click the roof to select the sides of the roof, then use the offset tool to
create a narrow frame around the edge. Push/pull the inner rectangle down a litle
to create a parapet and flat roof. Your game characters will be able to walk on this.
8. Right-click on the front image and select Texture ¦ Make Unique Texture . Now
select Texture again and select Edit Texture Image. This will take you to GIMP.
9. In GIMP, paste the image of a shuter door or whatever else you like onto the
base texture.
10. When you're done, laten the image and save it. Exit GIMP.
11. The image will update in SketchUp. Sample and paint the new texture onto the back
wall too, and do the same with the left side onto the right side face.
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