Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
You can use the Chapter7_Map_Base_with_fence.skp
file to experiment on.
Generating buildings quickly
When generaing buildings, think modular! All the good game designers do this. They decide
on a visual theme for the current level, and then generate a few building components that
fit together well and that can be placed throughout the level. These buildings are fillers.
You will learn how to create a more detailed building (which can also be explored inside) in
Chapter 9 , The Main Building — Inside and Out . For now, the name of the game is speed.
For this quick method, you will need to find and download some building
frontage textures from somewhere like Go for full buildings
and some generic images, such as the side or rear of a disused building.
Also, grab a couple of windows and shuter doors.
Time for action - creating a building from two images
Start with a rectangle roughly the size of your building and Push/Pull it into a box.
Import the front of a building and select Use as Texture .
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