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4. Now, use your right-click menu to select Look Around
5. Walk around using a combinaion of Walk and Look Around to see how your level
will look in a first person game.
Have a go hero - swapping in your variations
You're now ready for Step 3 in this method. Explode the fencing groups first. Select
some fences at random. Make them unique. Now, select one of these new components,
right-click and select Reload. Select a new component (V01, V02, and so on). Repeat it
with your other variants.
Use the following techniques to further mess it up:
• Move a number of fences in and out, so they're not all exactly in line
• Flip a few by the red axis to create a mirror copy
• Scale a few in the blue axis to make them slightly shorter
• Use the Rotate tool to lean the posts in or out
• Use the Rotate tool to rotate components in plan
• Think of creaive ways to add a sense of realism on your own!
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