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11. Copy the group. Right-click on it and select Flip Along ¦ Group's Red .
12. Move the new group into place. You should now have fencing all round the concrete
yard and path.
13. Open the group and move or copy any fence panels that don't fit. You're done!
What just happened?
With minimum efort, you covered a large area of your level with interesing assets. This was
possible because you made a few variaions of a simple asset, and then re-used it muliple
imes. The asset was set up to work with a 2m grid which further speeds up placement.
Finally, SketchUp's great tool set allowed you to do this job probably far quicker and more
easily than other 3D tools.
You can use this technique in your future career to great effect whenever you're up against
a tough deadline. Using the same thing over and over again allows you to quickly see what
your level will look like so you can make changes to the scope of the level without having to
go back to the drawing board. SketchUp is a great preliminary visualizaion tool.
Time for action - walking around in SketchUp to visualize your
1. Go to Camera ¦ Walk .
2. Type in 1.8 and hit enter.
3. Hold the let-hand side mouse buton and drag the mouse up or down to walk
forward or backwards.
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