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14. When you're done vandalizing your fence, go to Layer ¦ Merge Down .
15. Go to File ¦ Save . Then close the GIMP window with the x at the top right.
16. SketchUp updates with the new image:
What just happened?
SketchUp allows you to make a unique image based on a face in the model. When you edit it,
it retains the properies of the base texture that you applied to it. So, in this case, the image
had the see-through bits ( Alpha channel ) applied correctly. When you added another image
over the top, masked bits out, and then merged the layers together, that see-through alpha
channel remained intact.
You've now got three diferent variaions of the same fence. Go ahead and make some more!
Have a go hero - deforming stuff for added realism
Imagine that this fence has been there for donkey's years. What would it really look like?
Would it be a lat panel if it had been climbed and jumped over a thousand imes by
neighborhood kids? Of course not! How are you going to make the panel saggy at the top?
Actually, you already learned how to do this in Chapter 5 , 3D games in SketchUp , when you
covered the sandbox tools. If you're feeling adventurous now, give it a go!
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