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Time for action - making several unique variations
1. Delete the second post.
2. Save the Sk etchUp file as FencePanelMASTER.skp .
3. Go to File ¦ Save As and save it again as FencePanelV01.skp . This is going
to be your first variant.
4. Select some of the textures in the column and move them around a litle,
rescale or skew them as you learned in Chapter 4 , Wooden Pallet: Modeling .
5. Save the file and close it.
6. Open the master version and save as FencePanelV02.skp .
7. Right-click on the fence panel and select Make Unique Texture .
8. Now, right-click again and select Texture ¦ Edit Texture Image
9. Your fence panel will open in GIMP.
10. Use the Eraser Tool to make some jagged holes.
11. Add a poster, sign, or pieces of paper from the Posters and Sickers category
on as a new layer
12. Go to Layer ¦ Scale Layer if you need to make it smaller.
13. Use the Layer Masks feature, or Eraser Tool in GIMP to get rid of the bits you
don't need as you can see next:
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