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6. Now, select the Paint Bucket tool and select Fencing in the Materials pallet.
7. Select one of the wire mesh materials and paint it onto the rectangle on both sides.
8. Go to and select Metal ¦ Painted and select any of the textures you
like—one that you can get a reasonable area of metal from.
9. Prepare the texture as you've done before in Chapter 3 , Wooden Pallet : Texture
Creaion and Chapter 5 , Game Levels in SketchUp , or just import it straight into
10. Double-click to edit one of the posts and apply it to each of the four sides of the
post, as you learned in Chapter 4 , Wooden Pallet: Modeling , using Import and Use
as Texture .
11. Alter the posiion and rotaion if you need to for each face.
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