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What just happened?
As you can see, Unity has its own Move, Copy, and Rotate funcions diferent to those you
used in SketchUp, but they do the same thing. It's worth spending some ime using these
features of Unity so that you get used to them. It will save you having to re-export from
SketchUp each ime you make a change.
Yes, you've gone and done it now. Game design addicion awaits. In this chapter, you
figured out how to:
• Export from SketchUp and Import into Unity 3D , a full featured professional
game development environment .
• Reatach your high resoluion texture.
• Scale and move objects in Unity.
• Find your way around the Unity interface.
• Create lights: sunshine and indoor.
• Control light parameters: Range, Color and Intensity.
• Duplicate and manipulate assets.
• Publish your game to the Web.
• Walk (and jump) around your terrain!
If I were you, I would now take a deep breath, put my coat on and go for a walk. You need
some ime to think about what you're going to do with this amazing new skill set. I'm not
just exaggeraing here. The ability to easily publish 3D environments anywhere, to be used
by anyone, and to explore them in real ime, is only just now becoming a mainstream reality.
You're now at the forefront of it. Make the most of that.
When you get back it's ime to get down to some hard work. Playime's over, and it's high
ime you illed your level with some realisic assets. In the next chapters, you will learn how
to create standard assets such as buildings, trees, vehicles… and rusty dilapidated fencing.
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