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With the free version of Unity, you can publish to PC, Mac, and Web.
You can now see how easily a 3D environment is created and published with the SketchUp /
Unity combo. You now have the skills to create a real-ime walkthrough simulaion of almost
any environment. If you coninue to study Unity, you can add to this foundaion to any other
gaming features you can think of.
Packt Publishing has plenty of excellent Unity topics to keep you going. You can
find them all at .
The character prefab you inserted into your game is a combinaion of code and objects
that the creators of Unity have seen fit to give you along with the software. It's their way of
showing you what can be done with the program. This is great for you and me, because it
means that we can create a level and walk around it without any coding knowledge.
Pop quiz
a. What are the two main types of character controller included in Unity 3D?
b. What does the yellow globe around lights signify?
c. Which key should you press to center on your currently selected object?
d. How do you add collision detecion to your terrain? What will happen if you don't?
Have a go hero
You know that fantasically realisic pallet you made in Chapter 3 , Wooden Pallet: Texture
Creaion , and Chapter 4 , Wooden Pallet: Modeling . How about insering it into Unity? You've
now developed the skills to do this. Follow the method in this chapter and insert the pallet
this ime instead of the terrain. It's just the same. Place it inside or to the side of the main
building. Use the filename Pallet_gameready .
If you haven't created the pallet yet you can use the file included in the
download pack, labeled Chapter3_pallet_gameready.skp or you can
use the exported file Pallet_Single.fbx and folder Pallet_Single ,
which I've also provided, placing them into the Sketchup4Games folder.
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