Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Click on Build & Run
Click on Make New Folder and add a folder with a random name to your desktop.
Click on OK and wait for the game to compile.
When a web page comes up, click Install Now!
On the Unity website click on Install Now . Run the ile and follow the instrucions.
Now go to your desktop and open the folder you created. Double-click on the
WebPlayer.htm document.
Away you go in a web browser!
What just happened?
Unity is Middleware, which means it's a middle of the pipeline software program. It takes
your assets, turns them into a game, and delivers them on as many gaming plaforms as
possible. You've just tried out one of them - Web. You can also deliver games to:
• PC
• Mac OS
• iOS (Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod)
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