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Walk around using the arrow keys, and move your head using the mouse. Check that
out for instant graiicaion!
Fall through the floor
If the only jaw that dropped was that of your game character falling through the
floor, then go back to your character controller (the capsule thing) and move it up
higher above the terrain. Now also check you've checked the generate colliders box
in the FBXImporter tab when you select the terrain, as described earlier. Colliders
describe which geometry is solid so that your character doesn't move through it.
4. Use the Spacebar to jump, too. You should have a first person view like the
one above.
5. When you're done looking around your magniicent creaion, click on the Play
buton again to return to the editor.
6. Wowsers! Was it really that simple? Yep. Now, check the following.
Time for action - creating a web playable walkthrough
Go to File ¦ Build and Run . Now, select Web Player and click on Add Current
(see the next screenshot):
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