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3. You will see the character depicted by a capsule-shaped object. You can move this
around by dragging the arrows.
4. In Transform tab, under Posiion , type in 0,0,0 in the x,y,z ields, respecively.
5. Now, move the capsule around unil it's over the staring point in the level. Noice
when the capsule moves below the terrain it turns wire-framed. This is how you can
work out how high or low to place it.
6. Place it so that the botom is just above the loor.
7. Under Transform type 180 in the Y Rotaion field. This faces your character along
the path.
8. This character already has a camera atached to it, so, go ahead and delete the other
one listed in the Hierarchy pallet. You don't need it.
Now go to File ¦ Save Scene .
What just happened?
You just set up your character controller and are ready to start walking around your level.
Aren't you excited? The capsule you saw will not be there in the actual game. It's just a visual
representaion of your character, so that you can visualize where you're placing it, how big it
is, and which direcion it will face. You can change these things either by trial and error, or by
inpuing exact igures in the Inspector .
Time for action - playing the level
1. Click on the Game tab at the top of the screen.
2. At the top of your screen are a play, pause, and fast forward buton. Press the Play
buton now!
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