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What just happened?
You set up one direcional light to simulate sunlight, and two Omni lights to act as indoor
lamps. The direcional light is set high up (large Y-axis number) to simulate the sun. Because
it's a direcional light you had to adjust its ilt and rotaion so that it's shown on the terrain.
We placed it at an offset to one side so that you would get the effect of depth on the shaded
porions of the terrain. The other two lights needed a number for range so that their efect
wasn't too strong. You can see the range by the yellow globe around the light in the main
view. Unfortunately, Unity free doesn't allow for realisic shadows from its lights; you need
to pay for the Pro version for that.
Setting up your character controller
Unity 3D comes with two pre-packaged character controllers. All you need to do is grab
them from the library and drag them in. The one we're using is called a 1st Person Controller
which allows you to see the level through the player character's eyes. Alternaively, you can
select the 3rd Person Controller which will let you see a litle man walking around. These are
the main two types of game controllers used with Unity 3D.
Time for action - setting up a first-person shooter style
In the Project tab, click on the arrow next to Standard Assets, and then select
Character Controllers .
Click on 1st Person Controler and drag it in to the main window.
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