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What just happened?
You've imported your level into Unity 3D. Congratulaions! From here on, creaing a walk-
around is a cinch. You changed some parameters to scale the mesh to retain the correct
real-world dimensions you gave it in SketchUp. You set up a folder in the Unity project
folder to hold your game level assets. Finally, you saved a Unity Scene ile. Did you noice
that this has now appeared in the project hierarchy in Unity? The Generate Colliders feature
takes the mesh geometry and uses it to tell Unity where a physical object exists. So, in the
case of your terrain, Unity will create a solid base for your character to walk on. If you didn't
do this, your game characters would fall through the floor, and keep on falling forever…
That idea gives me the shivers.
Time for action - using a high-resolution terrain texture in Unity
If you zoom right in to the terrain texture you'll noice it's not a very high resoluion texture.
It appears to have lost some detail. In fact, this is true also of the SketchUp version. Is this
right? In the Project tab, click on the Map_Base ¦ Map_Master texture (or something like
M_2048 if you used the naming scheme suggested in Chapter 3, Wooden Pallet : Texture
Creaion . In the Preview window at the botom right-hand side, you will see the image that
will look like the one following. Can you see what's wrong now?
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