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14. It looks okay, so scroll up the Inspector pallet unil you ind FBXImporter .
15. Enter 1 in Scale Factor and click on the Generate Colliders box. Now, scroll
down and click on Apply .
16. No w click the Map_Base ic on sho wn in the screenshot on the last page, and drag it
into the main viewing window.
17. Enter the following figures in the Inspector pallet:
18. Your terrain is now placed at the origin, and scaled correctly. Click on the
Hierarchy tab.
19. Noice that this list contains all the elements within your project. Click on the
Map_Base item now.
20. Point your cursor at the main window. Tap F on the keyboard. This stands for
Frame selected , and will center your selected item in the screen.
21. Click the hand icon at the top of the screen. Use the three mouse butons and
scroll wheel to move and zoom around. Unfortunately, these controls are slightly
diferent to SketchUp and will take a litle while to get used to.
22. Finally, go to File ¦ Save Scene and type in Sketchup_Level . Click on Save .
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