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Time for action - importing your terrain in to Unity
Fire up your copy of Unity 3D.
Go to File ¦ New Project . Instead of where it says New Unity Project,
type SketchUpLevel .
check all the assets you wish to import for use in your project. If you check all of
them it will take a long ime to load them all up. For the project in this topic, you
should check at least:
Character controllers
Sky boxes
Standard assets
Terrain assets
Click on Create and then wait a while for the project to install the assets.
Click on the small folder named Standard Assets shown on the right-hand side.
Right-click and select Show in Explorer ( Reveal in Finder on Mac OS).
You now have an explorer window open (Finder on Mac OS) which shows
all the assets in the Project folder.
Create a new folder now named Sketchup4Games . This is where you will save
all the SketchUp assets created in this topic.
Right-click and select Send To (desktop) . This will give you a shortcut on your
desktop to help you find this again easily. On Mac OS, you can use Command
Opion, and drag the folder to the Desktop.
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