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Now click on Convert . You can see the setup in the following image:
What just happened?
The newly-released 2012 version of the Autodesk FBX converter allows you to take Collada
iles from the Free version of SketchUp and convert them to Unity's naive FBX format. This
is an exciing development that many SketchUp and Unity users have been waiing for.
Importing to Unity 3D
Imporing into Unity is a joy. When I say there's nothing to it, that's quite literally true. Unity
automaically imports anything you save or move into its asset directory. So it's just a mater
of finding where that is, and then always saving your exported files there.
The good thing about Unity is that it automaically checks for changes and updates itself with
new versions of your asset files. Say you don't like the grass texture you used after all? Just
change it in GIMP and export a copy of the image directly into the texture folder in Unity.
Presto, the grass on your terrain changes too!
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