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Time for action - SketchUp free export
Sketchup free version only exports to SKP ( .skp ) and Collada ( .dae ) formats. This isn't a lot
of help when imporing to Unity, or any other game applicaion. There are several ways to
get around this. Providing you have access to more than one computer, the easiest of these
is to install an evaluaion copy of SketchUp Pro on another computer and use it just for
export. This way, the 400 minutes of free use last for ages. I've put some alternaive methods
in Appendix, MakeHuman .
1. In SketchUp (free), save your file in your project directory.
2. E-mail the ile or put it on a memory sick.
3. On your second computer, start SketchUp Pro, and open your file. Now, follow the
export instrucions for SketchUp Pro in the previous secion.
Time for action - using the free Autodesk FBX converter
There is now an easy way to convert SketchUp Collada ( .dae ) files to .fbx files. This has
only just become possible with the 2012's release of the FBX converter. If you haven't done
so already, download the Autodesk FBX converter from
1. Export your SketchUp file as before, using the DAE format as shown next:
2. Open Autodesk FBX converter.
3. In the left-hand side box, click Add… and select your DAE file.
In the right-hand side box make sure Desinaion Format is set to FBX 2012.
Click on Change desinaion folder to set the desinaion to your game folder.
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