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You now don't have anything except the terrain mesh and texture. Go to File ¦ Save
As... and save the file in your project directory, naming it as Map_Base .
Now, you need to save an exported version for Unity 3D. You covered this in
Chapter 4 , Wooden Pallet : Modeling , so you should be familiar with it. Go ahead
and skip this secion if you want to.
What just happened?
When modeling in SketchUp you will often find it useful to hide components, groups, or even
individual faces or meshes so that you can see what you are working on more easily. It's easy
to forget these hidden items, so when ime comes to export a model, you should perform
this purging process to check for anything hidden and remove it. Not doing this may make
your models behave strangely in your Game Development applicaion. The same goes for
extra materials that you may have used at some stage but then replaced. They are sill there
in the model unless you use the Purge Unused opion.
Time for action - SketchUp Pro export
Go to File ¦ Export ¦ 3D Model and select the FBX file format.
Click Opions and check the Export Texture Maps opion and Swap YZ coordinates .
Set Units to Meters .
Navigate to your Project folder and create a new folder named Unity_Assets
inside it.
Save your model inside it as Map_Base .
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