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What you get in this topic is a fully explorable level that can be immediately exported and
played on any computer or over the Web. For a lot of applicaions (real estate, for example)
this is the end result you're ater. Also, if you're producing a porfolio for a game or other
media company, it's all you need. Game asset arists wouldn't be expected to be game
coders or level designers too. It's perhaps beter to sick to your role and do it well.
Exporting the level from SketchUp
So, where are we at? You produced a level plate (textured terrain) in the last chapter. You can
use this, or go for the one I've included in the download pack labeled Chapter5_Terrain_
Textured.skp . If you want to skip the export stage, I've also included a FBX file, which will
import straight into Unity.
You might have already installed Unity from Chapter 2 , Tools that Grow
on Trees . If you haven't, now's the ime to do it!
Time for action - preparing a model for export
Open your SketchUp project and go to the Outliner pallet. Open it from Window ¦
Outliner if you need to.
Click on the Details buton and select Expand All (see the next screenshot):
Only your terrain should be there. Unhide any other groups and delete them.
Explode your Terrain group.
Go to View ¦ Hidden Geometry and then delete any geometry that now appears
(possibly your map or texture image).
Uncheck Hidden Geometry now.
Go to Window ¦ Model Info ¦ Staisics and click on Purge Unused .
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