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Game Application: Unity 3D
Maybe you were skepical when you irst looked through this topic. "Will I really get to
create a game level from scratch in SketchUp and get to walk around in it? Or, will I be left
frustrated like I have been with other sotware?" Now it's ime to deliver on promises. You
are about to take the level you've made and insert it into a game applicaion you can control.
There's going to be no arcane wizardry you can't understand. No code. No sending you off to
this or that website to work something out yourself. No sir. This is the real deal. You're about
to start walking around your level, as if it were part of a real game.
No, that's not right! It is a real game!
In this chapter, you will:
• Export your terrain from SketchUp
• Import into Unity 3D and atach a high-resoluion terrain texture
• Add collision detecion
• Set up a first person shooter style controller
• Add lights and sun
• Walk around to admire your handiwork!
This chapter is the bridge between you as an asset and level arist in SketchUp, and the
rest of the game creaion process in Unity 3D. As menioned before, Unity 3D is a game
development environment with a game engine on which you can run games, then export
them to diferent plaforms, such as the Web, mobile, console, PC, and Mac. Once your level
and assets are within Unity 3D, you can go on to create complete games with them.
Though you might not even need to do that.
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