Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
In this chapter, you have learned how to sculpt terrains in SketchUp and create a realisic
terrain texture in GIMP, which you then projected onto the terrain. The big deal about this is
that you now have a straighforward worklow that you can use again and again for any game
project. You have learned texturing and modeling skills that will serve you in any modeling
and texturing task, for any and all game objects.
To sum up, you've learned:
• How to use layers and masks in GIMP
• How to create a selecion from SketchUp to use in GIMP
• How to add soft subtle shadows to give illusion of depth
• How to use the Sandbox tools in SketchUp to model terrains
• How to create seamlessly ileable textures
But listen, I've got something to whisper to you about your level, so no one else hears it.
In the next chapter, you'll get to walk around in it!!!
Sorry! I've goten over excited with anicipaion. Haven't you?
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