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Time for action - using the Drape tool
Press the spacebar and then select all the buildings you haven't stamped onto the
terrain. Hold Ctrl to select muliple ( (Shift on the Mac OS).
Now, select the Drape tool. Click on the terrain.
SketchUp stamps the seven rectangles onto the terrain without modifying anything
You're done with the 2D map for now, so turn it into a group and then hide it.
Select all of the terrain and turn it into a component.
What just happened?
When you used the Drape tool, SketchUp took the map geometry you had selected, and
used it to cut edges out of the terrain. This is great because it leaves the terrain untouched
around it. Defining these rectangular areas means you can later drop buildings into place,
and easily delete the terrain in these spaces.
You can find the finished terrain in the download pack, labeled
Chapter5_Terrain_Finished.skp .
Uniting terrain geometry with texture
Now, for the fun bit where you project your texture onto the terrain to see how it looks.
You have already set up your project to make this step a cinch, by lining up your texture and
terrain geometry above one another.
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