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What just happened?
You should now have something like the terrain shown as in the following screenshot. Yours
will differ from this because we started from different base terrains. If you don't like the one
you've got, go back and have another go using different offsets. There's no right or wrong
way to do this—you're just making an interesing terrain. There's an ininite number of
diferent terrains you can make using the same 2D map, but staring with diferent Smoove
base terrains and applying different stamps.
The Stamp tool selects geometry from a plan above or below where you want to stamp.
Then, using an offset distance either side of this geometry, cuts into the terrain. The offset
you entered becomes the transiion zone between this new lat area and the surrounding
terrain. You've used the Stamp tool on a hilly terrain to create a terraced effect, just as you
would see in real life.
The Drape tool
Someimes you don't want this transiion efect. You don't want your terrain to look as if a
landscaper's been at it with a bulldozer. The Drape tool allows you to retain the contours you
already have, intact. Finish off your terrain now with the Drape tool.
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