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I got a bit carried away…
If your terrain is a litle too over the top, you can easily tone things down
a litle without having to go back and repeat anything. Triple-click on your
terrain and turn it into a group (Right-click and select the Group opion).
Now, select Tools ¦ Scale . Use the top, centre grip to squash the whole
group. Then, you can right-click and Explode .
Time for action - stamping detail onto the terrain
If you hid the 2D map, unhide it now using the Outliner pallet. Make sure
it's exploded.
Select the Stamp tool. Type 2 and press Enter .
Click on the area surrounding the industrial building. You will see a red line around
the area indicaing where the 2 meter ofset lies.
Click onto your terrain, which will turn blue.
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