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15. Orbit the view. Click and move up as shown next:
What just happened?
You've just created some random terrain using one of the Sandbox tools, Smoove . Here,
you've learned how to use it with diferent diameters, and also when selecing parts of the
grid directly. You should now have a pleasingly undulaing terrain, rather than a boring lat
surface. Within the game development industry, terrains are usually created within the
game engine itself, an example being the terrain tools within Unity 3D . But what you've now
learned will give you a valuable tool for your toolbox. The reason to create a terrain this way
is that this terrain can be used in any game engine or 3D software. As such, it is possible to
create and sell terrains as assets.
You can find the SketchUp file for the project so far in the download
pack, labeled Chapter5_Level_Part02.skp .
The Stamp tool
What you have now is the base deformaion. It's ime to stamp some of the map geometry
onto it. Just as in real life, roads and buildings are more or less level surfaces placed on
un-level terrain, the same we'll do in SketchUp. The Stamp tool will take your 2D map
geometry as a base and project it onto your terrain.
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