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14. Select Stroke Line , with a Line Width of 4 , and select Solid Colour .
15. Now click on Stroke . A thick black line will appear along the line of all your
selecions. This will depict the area near buildings and roads that collects dirt
and grime, also an element of shadow.
16. Make this look more real now by blurring the line. First remove your selecion
by going to Select ¦ None .
17. Go to Filters ¦ Blur ¦ Gaussian Blur . Leave the seings as default (5 pixels) and
select OK .
18. Now reduce Layer opacity to 30% . You can see the effect, subtle but important,
in the next image:
What just happened?
You just learned how to create and manipulate selecions in GIMP to add shadow or ill areas
with texture. The shadow/dirt effect is subtle but important, as you will now see in your map
texture. It has more feeling of depth, doesn't it?
Time for action - removing white edges
Selecing areas with the Fuzzy Select tool is not a fine art. You will have been left with some
white edges between areas of texture.
In GIMP, select the Cobbles layer in the Layer pallet. Right-click and select
Mask to Selecion .
Go to Select ¦ Grow and input 1 into the box, and then click on OK .
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