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Naming layers
Naming your layers as you create them saves a lot of frustraion later. You will be
able to see instantly which layer you need, even if you have tens of layers that all
look the same.
Some nifty texture tweaks
The beauiful thing about texturing in this way is that all the textures are available at any
locaion in the map. The only thing controlling where they're visible is the masks you
created. Unmasking any area will allow the texture to shine through.
Time for action - creating a roadside kerb
1. In the Layer pallet, make sure the concrete road texture is above the asphalt road
texture in the list.
2. Switch on the Selecion Layer . Use the Fuzzy Select Tool to select the road.
3. Now go to Select ¦ Border . Enter 5 in the box and click on OK .
4. In the Layer Pallet, switch of the selecion layer. Now, select the layer with your
concrete texture on it. Select the mask next to it in order to start ediing the mask.
Switch the foreground and background colors so that you have white in the
foreground (you learned how to do this when you were blending together your
two concrete ile loor textures).
Now select the Bucket fill tool and click inside your selecion. You can see the
result here:
Now, to create some shadow at the edge of the road and roadside curb.
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