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You're going to do exactly the same with all the other textures you need, but all the rest will
already be ile-able straight from This will be the easiest paint by numbers
drawing you ever did, trust me!
I'll start you off with the first one, and then you can complete the rest by yourself. Let's start
by downloading all the textures you'll need.
Time for action - using tileable textures from the Internet
1. Go to and select Nature ¦ Grass from the left-hand menu. Select
any of these that say "Tiled" in the itle.
2. Download a small version of any of the iled images. Usually these are shown
first in the list of thumbnails.
3. Do the same with Concrete ¦ Floors and download any small iled image you like.
Get one that looks like it could be from an industrial yard.
4. Now you need a road surface. Try a search for asphalt or tarmac . Download a
iled one.
5. Finish off with a paved or cobbled street texture.
Have a go hero - selecting and texturing
Now it's your turn. Open up a texture in GIMP. Work out roughly how large this texture
would be in real life. Take 20 pixels per meter and resize the image to the correct number of
pixels. Use the quick ile ilter as you've learned, use some color or contrast adjustments if
you want, and create a selecion mask. Easy as that!
Muliple selecions
You can make muliple selecions with the Fuzzy Select Tool by holding
the Ctrl (or Cmd on Mac) key.
You can use the final image shown earlier in the chapter to check what goes where.
Remember, this doesn't have to be perfect at this stage. It's about learning. In addiion,
any of your textures can easily be replaced later if you wish to by pasing into the layer you
created. Working this way gives you a template in GIMP that you can keep coming back to
whenever you wish to make a visual change in your game level.
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