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5. You can turn the selecion layer on or of at any ime by clicking the eye icon. This
layer will not contribute to your final image, but you will use it to select parts of it.
6. Make sure the selecion layer is current by clicking it in the Layer pallet. Click the
Fuzzy Select tool and select the area inside the industrial building at the center of
the image.
7. Now hide the selecion layer. Right-click on the Concrete Floor layer and select Add
Layer Mask .
8. Select the buton next to Selecion , then click Add . You will now have the texture
confined to the floor of the industrial building, as shown here.
What just happened?
You've used the selecion layer to control where your texture was placed. The concrete loor
is now visible only within the boundaries of the area you created when you drew your 2D
map. Good, isn't it?
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