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Now, release the Ctrl (or Cmd) buton and move to the right-hand side. Begin
paining from there (see the next screenshot):
7. This clones the area on the left over the area on the right. The left-hand part of the
clone tool moves along with your brush. Do this all the way up. As you paint further
up, you may need to release the mouse buton. If you do this the clone tool will start
back at the spot you placed it when you released the Ctrl (or Cmd) buton. You may
need to ind another spot and coninue from there.
8. You've now cloned over the empty area of the image. The rest of the texture looks
ine, so let's ile it now.
9. Save the image as a new file into your texture library so that you can use it again
and again. Now you need to ile it for the map.
Do the math
Our map has around 2000 pixels per side, which accounts for 100 meters. So,
2000/100 is 20, telling us that 1 meter is equivalent to 20 pixels on our image. Or
in other words, 1 pixel is 50mm in the real world.
10. Three of these concrete slabs should amount to about 10m in the real world, so let's
resize the image to 200 pixels wide (because 10 meters imes 20 pixels equals 200).
11. When you've done that, go to Filters ¦ Map ¦ Tile and deselect the chain and type in
2048 in width and height.
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