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10. Now select the Paint Brush tool and begin paining along the top edge of the layer
to blend it in with the one below. Make sure the black and white foreground and
background colors are selected by clicking the icon shown with an arrow in the next
screenshot, and switch black to the foreground color if you need to with the litle
double arrow.
11. Now select one of the fuzzy brushes and set the scale and opacity. Opacity reduces the
strength of the efect, so seing it lower will now allow you to ine-tune your blend.
12. When you're done, the one layer should be blend in seamlessly with the other.
You can see the result in the following screenshot:
13. At the top is the layer mask so that you can see the simple rough edge I've created.
In the middle is the mask applied to the upper layer, and below that is the finished
effect. For a rough texture like this, this quick technique is usually good enough. At
other imes, you may need to use more brush strokes.
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