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What just happened?
You now have a layer in GIMP that you can use to select any of the main areas you need
to work on. Try it now by selecing the Fuzzy Select tool and by clicking somewhere in the
image. GIMP will now only work in the part of the image you selected. Switch of the Map
Selecion layer and select the original layer in the Layer pallet. Use the Bucket Fill tool to
fill that selected area full of color. Can you see how this can be used to control where you're
working on the main texture?
Use Ctrl-Z ( Cmd-z on the Mac OS) to undo the Color ill . Save your file. Let's get started on
the texture for real.
The master texture
You're now all set to find the textures you want from, other websites, or
from your own images. You will use these to build up a master texture which you will project
onto your terrain. You'll then use Sandbox tools to sculpt your terrain. Your terrain texture
will look something like this:
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