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2. Make sure you're in the Top view , and Perspecive is switched off.
3. Now, go to View ¦ Edge style and turn off Profiles and Edges .
4. Go to File ¦ Export ¦ 2D Graphic . Now select PNG .
5. Go to Opions and input a height of 2000 and uncheck the Ani-Alias box.
6. Save the image as a PNG file named Map_Selection.png .
7. Open this image in GIMP. Go to Image ¦ Autocrop Image .
8. Now to resize the image to the same size as your master texture, go to Image ¦
Scale Image and type in 2048 then click on Scale .
9. Go to Select ¦ All then Edit ¦ Copy .
10. Open up your Map_Master.xcf file and go to Edit ¦ Paste .
11. Right-click in the layers pallet where it says Floaing Selecion and select New Layer ,
or go to Layers ¦ New Layer .
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