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Have a go hero - creating the 2D map
Now it's your turn to put some of your new SketchUp skills into pracice—the ones you
learned in Chapter 4 , Wooden Pallet: Modeling . Have a go at drawing out the plan in your
SketchUp project:
Hit the Top view buton and double-click on the 2D map component to get started.
Use the Rectangle and Pencil tool to draw the plan to the dimensions shown next.
Use the Tape Measure tool to create offset guidelines.
All the rectangles are either 17x13 or 23x17, so just draw one of each and then
use the Move tool to copy them around. Check back in Chapter 4 , Wooden Pallet:
Modelling if you need any help.
You don't need to be exact. Just get the main elements in about the same place as I've got
them. Note that the plan on the previous page it is 77m wide so that it fits nicely into the
page of the topic. Yours will be centered on your 100m wide map. Draw the roads to the
edge of the map.
If you get stuck, you can get the completed file from the download package,
named Chapter5_Level_Part01.skp or take a look at the videos
Plan Construcion Video 01 and Plan Construcion Video 02 . You c an
open these in your web browser by going to File ¦ Open File .
Time for action - creating a color selection layer
When you're done, go to the Materials pallet and select a random color. Use it to fill
an area of the map. Now, do this for all of the other areas too. You should choose
colors that provide good contrast, and you should color similar areas (for example,
all the small buildings) the same.
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