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Time for action - setting up the terrain texture image
Before we go on with modeling the terrain, let's set up the texture image which you will
project onto the terrain.
1. Open up GIMP and go to File ¦ New .
2. Type in width 2048 and height 2048 in pixels.
3. Go to File ¦ Save As and name the image Map_Master.xcf .
4. Draw something random on the image using the Paint Brush tool, and then go
to File ¦ Save a Copy .
5. Save a copy of the image in PNG format named Map_2048.png.
6. Back in SketchUp, go to File ¦ Import and select png from the drop down list.
Select the image you just saved and select Use as Image . Click on Open .
7. Select the botom let, and then the top right of the grid rectangle. This inserts
your image at the same size and locaion as your grid.
With the Move tool, click on the image. Hold Ctrl (the Opion key on the Mac)
and move up along the blue axis and click.
Awkward selecion ip
If you can't get to something to select it, make use of the Outliner .
The Outliner contains all of your Groups and Components and
allows you to select them without needing to click on them. You
can also right-click and use hide / unhide to temporarily remove
groups or components that are in the way.
Hide the Map_Base component so that you can get at the first image. Select and
delete the original image.
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