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But why do you need to have a grid of squares in the first place? The grid is there so that you
can create a 3D terrain. Each of the points on this grid will be raised or lowered as you wish,
to create a mountainous, undulaing, hilly, or rough terrain. When you've inished this level,
you will be able to experiment with these techniques to create terrains very, very, quickly,
for example:
I made this as a quick mock up of a possible game level, using only a Google Earth image and
the sandbox tools. You can see the geometry in the next image. You can see that there are
quite a lot of faces (polygons) in this square. A lot of them are unnecessary because, as you
can see here, many of the surfaces are quite flat or smooth and could be defined with much
less geometry than is the case here. You can head to Appendix A to find out how reduce the
number of polygons with MeshLab.
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